India’s Foremost Integrated Events and Retail

Mishkka Media proudly leads the pack as India’s premier integrated Events and Retail Organization. Renowned for our proficiency in meticulously crafting and flawlessly executing Below the Line (BTL) Activations, Events, and cutting-edge Mobile Marketing Solutions, we are now broadening our horizons to provide all-encompassing 360-degree marketing solutions.


Over the past 6 years, our dedicated team has been the strategic partner for some of India’s largest and most diverse brands, spanning 15 industries including media, FMCG, Telecom, and Consumer Goods. Our commitment to innovative thinking not only gives our clients a distinct advantage in consumer conversations but also ensures that our extensive pan-India network effectively engages with a wide-ranging audience across the country.

Mishkka Media Verticals

Mishkka Media’s Activation

Vertical is wholly committed to conceptualizing and executing avant-garde experiential brand activations.

Me Care

Conjuring magic in every moment! Press conferences unfold as captivating sagas, weddings metamorphose into enchanting dreamscapes

Retail Branding

Pioneering a dynamic frontier in branding, Mishkka specializes in comprehensive branding and digital marketing through cutting-edge Wi-Fi services

Mishkka’s marketing platform offers a sophisticated avenue for your brand to deliver customized messaging content to visitors within defined spaces. We redefine the landscape of digital marketing by leveraging mobile technologies in retail environments. Whether it’s a special sale, a service announcement, or a simple greeting, Mishkka provides the bandwidth and technology to engage consumers in a novel and impactful manner.